48 Hours in London: a photo journal of hidden gems

Because I am a wife of a swanky law type, we have access to gorgeous flats in central London at the Inns of Court so I rented a couple for us Olis and my parents for their birthdays this weekend. Here are some pics and deets of what we got up to. It’s essentially a whole lotta museums. God I love museums.

Hit up the London Transport Museum.

It’s well good and has all sorts of knobs and whistles and dials and doors to open and buttons to press and buses to drive and tubes to play on.


Visit Big Ben at Night

He loved seeing it so much he spent his pocket money on a BB keyring. Loser.


Head up and out early to Monument

Oddly hard to find considering its height, but worth looking for and worth the 311 steps to the top. William managed it ok, Alex had to be carried. Alex also managed to do a poo halfway up it and stink out the stairwell. This is a monument to the great fire of London so brace yourself for 38529835928359 questions about the fire, how it started, how many died and what their dead bodies looked like and do we get to see the dead bodies etc. Unless, of course, your child is less morbid than ours.


Museum of London

This is another one that’s a bother to find (head to St P’s and ask around), but brilliant.  And free. There is MASSES to see and it’s genuinely interesting: all fire, plague and cholera. Love that stuff. The cafe’s not great and there’s not much else around so advise packing a picnic.

NB: if I had a Mastermind subject it would be Museum Cafes of the World: specialist area Maritime Museums, and I reckon if it don’t sell sausages rolls, it ain’t no good and that’s my measuring stick.

NBB: Norwich Castle Café is the best, thanks for asking.


Postman’s Park

A hidden gem and a good spot for your picnic. This park is just outside Museum of London and is a captivating charm of Victorian London. It is a park that commemorates those who lost their lives in heroic acts during the Victorian era. It’s a fascinating window in to Victorian life: lots of burning dresses, drowning and factory explosions. It’s free and it’s ripe for aspiring novelists searching for inspiration. img_6916img_6915img_6913

3 thoughts on “48 Hours in London: a photo journal of hidden gems

  1. My firstborn niece has fallen in love with London and keeps returning. She is planning on moving there now so I have more of an excuse to go there. I LOVE dark history like diseases, mental assylums, what ancient toilets looked like, etc. I’m normal, right?

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