Bendy Legs Oliver

Alex boasts a wealth of ridiculous ailments, but his hypermobility has been as frustrating as brushing a toddler’s teeth. 

It’s meant he’s only just learnt how to walk this summer at the ripe old age of 23 months 

“So I pick it up and then just put it back down again?’

It’s meant that my body is crippled from carrying him EVERYWHERE and I have developed a permanent counter-balance lean to the right

Serious limpet

On the plus side, having to do everything one handed means I’m  now basically ambidextrous. 

I’m not one to moan-ha!- but Alex’s bendyness has caused some full-scale panics as I regularly lose him only to find him furled up in some odd spot. 

‘If I’m really quiet, mum’ll have to call mall security like last time!’
His ankles sag in on themselves and he drags himself along on the insides of shoes like some Frankenstien’s monster that’s been on the lash and because of this he needs super extra expensive dinky ankle boots to keep him up and about. 

But it ain’t all bad because when he grows up he can be a ballerina or a contortionist or a gymnast. Although this may come as a blow for William because he has plans for them to be nurses and live in the conservatory together. 

‘This may hurt a bit’