Alex is two: a birthday on the broads

Happy birthday, Alex, you crazy-haired, stubborn, hilarious and happy little boy.

We celebrated your birthday with granny Rose and grumpa Ben. Your birthday falls on my favourite weekend of the year (bar bonfire night): Norfolk Heritage Weekend! All the museums are open and free! Nooks  and crannies round the county are thrown open to all! 

We did Yarmouth. Dodging rabid dogs and psycho seagulls, we clocked up the Tolhouse prison (‘mummy, what are gallows?’) and Fisherman’s Hospital and Museum on the Broads. 

It rained. You slept under my museum-issue poncho.

The next day, we had Peppa Pig cake and went to Wymondham for a vintage car fair.

 We had a picnic at the abbey and you romped around, tumbled about and clambered over gravestones and I thought I hope two gorgeous boys get hiccups on my grave when I’m six feet under. How lovely. 

We all had a super day and you were well chuffed with your pirate ship present that William commandeered. Thanks for sharing your presents, dribble and cake with us all today. You are utterly adorable. 

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