We’ve been fannying about deciding whether to move or not for about a year. We’ve viewed some beauts, some beasts and some that William let rip howling farts in during an awkwardly formal viewing by the owner. 

This week, with the help of my marvellous mother, we got our arses in gear, hired a skip (heaven!), and got sorting. 

Of course, now the house looks gorgeous and we don’t want to move. #calledourownbluff #wronggenerationforhashtags

Back to school

William had his first day. That went as expected: “I DONT WANT TO LEARN NEW THINGS!”  

He was fine in the end. 

Dressed for success

Alex had his first full day at his new nursery. He balled his eyes out all day apparently. Poor scrap. 

I had my first day back. Was gutted not to be at the school gates for W’s first day, but I had a ball teaching this week. Was great to be back on it. Ask me in November and it’ll be a different story but for now it’s great. Miss the sprogs though (and Andrew but don’t tell him that). 

Alex is two: a birthday on the broads

Happy birthday, Alex, you crazy-haired, stubborn, hilarious and happy little boy.

We celebrated your birthday with granny Rose and grumpa Ben. Your birthday falls on my favourite weekend of the year (bar bonfire night): Norfolk Heritage Weekend! All the museums are open and free! Nooks  and crannies round the county are thrown open to all! 

We did Yarmouth. Dodging rabid dogs and psycho seagulls, we clocked up the Tolhouse prison (‘mummy, what are gallows?’) and Fisherman’s Hospital and Museum on the Broads. 

It rained. You slept under my museum-issue poncho.

The next day, we had Peppa Pig cake and went to Wymondham for a vintage car fair.

 We had a picnic at the abbey and you romped around, tumbled about and clambered over gravestones and I thought I hope two gorgeous boys get hiccups on my grave when I’m six feet under. How lovely. 

We all had a super day and you were well chuffed with your pirate ship present that William commandeered. Thanks for sharing your presents, dribble and cake with us all today. You are utterly adorable. 

Pre-holiday nerves 

We are going on a cruise! Heaven help us! My in-laws are taking us and my nephew and I have a few anxious rumblings: what if I’m too rowdy for formal evenings? What if I get stuck next to an American at the buffet breakfast? What if I get judged for ordering a Rum Punch at 10AM?

Here’s a pic of us as I write this:

Andrew’s laughing because William is telling him that he’s going to put his armbands on and jump overboard. Ha de ha. Also, note the pre-strike arm raise. Brotherly love.

Anyway, got to go as feeling carsick and need to double check I packed the passports and enough sequined outfits. Wish me luck!

EDIT: cruise went well. No men/child overboard.  Success.