My Week of Rebellion

I have been bored recently. Every now and then I get an overwhelming desire to have a bit of upheaval or adventure. The wig wearer can spot the mile off. Telltale signs include

  1. I start considering ways to spend money (double glazing, a boat on the broads, a home manicure kit etc)
  2. I start looking at how much houses cost in New Zealand
  3. I start picking fights: ‘do you have to breathe so loudly?’

So this week I shook it up. I bought a snazzy new lipstick and got a new piercing. Not that anyone’s noticed.

Then I met up with several colleagues in Chapelfields park where there was a protest by NUT against cuts to education. Not that anyone noticed.

On Thursday night I went to another demonstration, Norwich Stays. I made a I Heart EU banner out of Alex’s twirling baton. It looked shit

The rest of the week was moderately exciting. Work night out on Friday, friends over for supper Saturday night and skived off parent duties on Sunday for a few hours to go to a Gin Festival with an old friend.

It’s business as usual today, but I feel a little less restless and I’ve decided to join the WI so hopefully I won’t be needing that nail kit after all.



Snot smears on shoulders
Rejection of everything you’ve ever cooked
Waiting in A&E because they’ve swallowed a fridge magnet
Hearing them on the monitor just when you’ve poured a gin
The sibling stealth swipe
When they break in to the snack cupboard
Soft play sweats
Wiping arses. esp when they’ve dicked about with the bog roll
Clingy whinge days when you just have to sling them (on your back!)




A day out with just the one of them. William and I had a cracking day at the Norfolk Show. It gave us the space and time to realise we don’t have to spend our conversations locked in power struggles and bickering. He’s actually a smart funny interested perceptive little pal whom I’m exceptionally proud of. And he let me share his ice cream.