News Blackout

Oliver’s Guide to Surviving a Brexit

1) Total news blackout. Delete social media app. Delete News app.  

2) Smell your children: snuffle them and nibble their necks and revel in their beauty. Ignore creeping sadness that they are growing in a darkening world. 

3) Cook. Eat those feelings. 

4) Listen to 90s’ rock. Remind yourself of feeling young and powerful and scornful of anyone older than you. Remember feeling sure you would make the world better and feel heartened that that’s exactly how school kids are feeling now. 

5) Meet friends in a pub and avoid politics. Take a book to read while you wait to help filter pink-faced yobbing off.   

6) Visit museums. Remember we’ve made mistakes in the past and come out right in the end. 

7) Bear in mind your city didn’t chose this. 

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