Nautical Tootling 

Mothers’ Day was a bit of a damp squib this year so wanted to plan a nice Fathers’ Day to put the guilts on AO. He got a handful of cards that, a week on, are still lingering in the ‘transient’ pile of papers in the conservatory- perhaps testimony to their warm response. Any road, we soldiered on and decided to get a boat on the broads.

This sun was (intermittently) shining and the boys looked adorable in life jackets.

The water was quiet. We motored up and motored down and three hours had passed.

Team Oliver: sailing forward together.

2 thoughts on “Nautical Tootling 

  1. Just been catching up on a life time of your life. I love it. Such good reading – makes me sad that I haven’t been around V much like with the wharfs. Am Deffo coming for Norwich visit after I graduate??
    Love you all xxxxx

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