Had a nice day with the duo today. We hit up Great Yarmouth Tide&Time museum. Museums are the blood and bones of our little family. I remember having five month old Alex in the sling and the streaming rain at Llanberis Slate Museum and realising this was the third time in his tiny life he’d been there.

Here again
Any way, Alex recently took his first steps at the Bridewell Museum of Norwich so reckon that’s another fan in our foursome.

So off we trotted (whinged,  cajoled) to GYTT and obvs had to stop for a spontaneous(bribe) trip to the park where Alex’s sense of adventure surpassed his abilities.

Sun’s out, bum’s out
Honestly, have you ever seen anything more geeky?

On to the museum then and much tentative walking (Alex is starting to be able to stumble between furniture Bambi style) and many attempts to answer William’s 8000 questions about smoked mackerel.

Came him via Waitrose where W slept and Alex and I took selfies.

Just your average day, really. Thought it’d be good to remember those as they are usually happily forgettable.

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