The Wig Wearer

Totally realise the name of this blog makes it sound like I’m married to a sexual deviant/adventurer. Husbo, aka AO, is a criminal barrister. William thinks AO is a hero who puts “baddies in gaol”. This is fundamentally the utter opposite of what he does.  In truth, AO spends most of his time defending kiddy fiddlers and scrappy guys from Yarmouth.

Anyway, if Wills ask, AO is a defender of truth and justice.

Anyone who is married to or are themselves self-employed will be familiar with the lurch between Manically Busy and Career-endingly Quiet. This is all much reminiscent of my also self-employed father who would one day be “fucking busy” or declaring the end of publishing and making us hang up the phone and turn off the lights. Hence my declaration I would “never marry someone who works for themselves”.

My mum kindly reminds me of this from time to time- mostly when AO is making us eat out of the freezer as part of our family austerity measures (which saw the end of Virgin tv and the buying of a caravan).

When I grow up, I’m going to set free petty thieves, just like daddy,

But honestly, AO works like a trooper with some utterly grotty people and he works with these violent, miserable, lying drunks so he can keep us all in a nice life and I love him for it: pensions and savings can be goddarn sexy. I wish I could say this is why I married him but it’s shallower than that: he has a delicious bum and mad parallel parking skills.

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