Bad habits

It feels like a moderate amount of time has passed since new year so it’s tasteful to start discussing bad habits I have no incentive to rectify.


Eating my children’s chocolates

Just polished off Alex’s Cadbury Easter bunny he was given by an aunt at the weekend. In fact, didn’t manage to eat the head as heard Andrew come home so binned the last few mouthfuls rather than get caught in the act.

Keeping a lime on the chopping board

One lime serves four G&Ts. Why bother putting it back in the fridge when it’ll be back out by 6.31PM the next night.

Eating in front of the telly

Can’t remember the last time the wig wearer and I sat opposite each other while masticating.



I think this has become a major part of my personality: teacher, mother, wife, moaner. Would grumble about how much I hate what I’ve become but…


Dying pot plants: another thing to moan about



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