Betraying the Sisterhood

As a bra-burner, I try and live by Amy Poelher’s mantra of ‘fine for her, but not for me’. However, some things that women do really hack me off. To avoid stepping on my own Birkenstocked feminist toes, I would extend this list of dislikes to all parents.

Things that should stop happening:

  • Parents having images of their children as their profile pictures.
  • The abbreviation ‘EBF’*. Mine would be EFFPF**
  • Referring to each other as ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’. Most especially if the children are in bed / out of ear shot
  • Baby changing bags: makes you look like a novice- come back when you’ve got a backpack stuffed with Wotsits and too-small nappies
  • Talking to your child but really talking to the people around you: “Twinkle, don’t drop your quinoa cake: mummy spent ages making that in the Aga”
  • The phrase ‘Yummy Mummy’. I’m pretty sure everyone thinks this should be dead.


So yeah, I judge. But I’m also totally right.

*Exclusively breastfed

*Exclusively force-fed Petite Filous


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