Wadebridge Wanderings

Sometimes it’s hard to persuade Vic she made a dreadful mistake and should move back to Norfolk
 Kid-free and in Cornwall. AMAZING.

Mostly it’s being in the company of Vicki. She’s downright wonderful company. And everyone thinks we look like sisters.  Get in!

Can’t think why people say we look related.

Vicki is preggo and just had her last day of work as a social worker. Think I’m being a bit insensitive because I keep sighing and saying ‘it’s so nice not to have the kids’

Sal, did you want to stop going on about how kids are a pain in the arse?

Best things about being away from the kids:

  • Carrying a small bag and not carting around a tonne of crumb-infested crud
  • Not having to bribe anyone to do anything (although Vicki does need the odd Fisherman’s Friend and a cuppa to power through)
  • Having nothing but white-noise and happy thoughts trilling through my mind instead of ineedtomakesureivegotsupperonandpackabagforalexandrunabathetc
  • Nothing gets snot on

I don’t have to share these with anyone

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