Hunger strike

Here is a list of the things Alex has eaten in the last two days- bear in mind these are typical and not exceptional:

-three Rolo yoghurts

-two creme brulees 

-a panne cotta

-two pancakes

-a bag of Wotsits

-1.5litres of gold top milk

We saw a dietician/nutritionist today after a referral from our health visitor. She gave his diet a thumbs up. She only advised trying to hide more butter in things. The kid is living my dream. 

The (very) little blighter is wedged on the 9th percentile for weight and not doing a great job of growing so we will continue to bathe him in mascarpone and deep fat fry him ’til he completes Project Pudge Up. 

With a bit of luck he won’t finish his next Choc Pot and I can polish it off.  

The trolley of shame

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